About Veekes and Company

Veekes and Company was founded in 2009 from widespread personal and professional discontent, the menacing growth of Hip Hop and House and amidst some much middleclass resistance.

Veekes and Company started out as a budget continental restaurant chain that in 2013 had 11 restaurants across 4 cities making it the largest budget European restaurant chain in India. A range of European sauces and soups were launched on a trial basis in 2013. The physical restaurant chain was shut due to a  chain of synchronistic circumstances and morphed into an packaged foods business in 2018 offering the same sauces that were made popular at the restaurants . In time Veekes and Company has every intent to become the fastest growing niche food budget brand in India.

The company has a legacy interest in Home Stays with properties at Goa and Cochin and a Corporate Advisory and Investment Banking business that continues