Cuisine Concept

The Cuisine

Green_pepper_FWhen we started, we aspired to do to continental cuisine what the Chinese from Calcutta did to Chinese food decades ago – highly Indianized, very affordable and easily available. This philosophy now extends to every line of business we are in.


The Approach

V&T_General_6Plagarism is basic to all cultures – Woody Guthrie, circa 1959.
Our new menu, reflects this vast experience and blurs the lines between authenticity, indigenousness and geographies.
Nothing conforms! We are inspired by everything. We do what we think customers will like and we do what we like


The Consistency

Herb-a-la-IndienneThe central kitchen that we’ve put up in Bangalore is a reflection of our committment to ensuring that every dish tastes exactly the way we want it to taste at any time, at any place! This is new to our kind of business one gathers and yet we started building a central kitchen facility way back in 2009 with a 350 sq ft hole in the wall when we had just 1 restaurant. In the context of our business it has always been a disproportionate investment, but we think that getting this right will be the recipe to being the biggest and most loved continental food player in the continent