Packaged Foods

The Idea

We are proud to introduce a range of continental and oriental sauces and seasonings from Veekes and Thomas and Kongwang that reject, at the outset, complication and elaborateness in preparation and yet retains flavour and freshness. What we offer is a ‘home grown, selected’ range of products that allows Indian flavors and ingredients to permeate what is otherwise quintessentially European and Oriental cuisine – ingredients and tastes that can be found in any Indian kitchen



Home Magic

PowerPoint PresentationThe method of preparation we have adopted remains true to its original style. We suggest that you keep it simple! Toss the contents of the container into a pan boil or heat over a flame or heat in a microwave till it loses its bind or attains soup consistency. Add Vegetables or meat of choice before pouring onto the pasta/noodles or top the soups with a garnish of choice after adding vegetables or meats of choice to create magic.


Pasta Sauces

Fresh Béchamel Sauce                 INR 100

cream, milk, salt, mixed herbs

Fresh Arrabiatta Sauce                INR 100

tomato puree, tomato paste, onions, mixed herbs, spices, salt

Fresh Coriander Pesto Sauce       INR 150

olive oil, coriander paste, salt, mixed herbs


 Oriental Sauces

Pad Thai Sauce                             INR 100

tamarind, stock, castor sugar, palm sugar

Mustard Chilly Sauce                   INR 100

green chili, freshly ground mustard, spices, salt


Ready To Eat

Arrabiatta with Penne Pasta                                 INR 100

classic arrabiatta sauce served with penne pasta

White Bechemel with Penne Pasta                        INR 100

classic cream sauce served with penne pasta

Cilantro Peanut Pesto with Penne Pasta              INR 100

classic cream sauce served with penne pasta


Sauces must be pre-ordered. Available at all VNT outlets . Please check expiry dates as sauces are fresh. Prices are all inclusive of taxes and for 250 gms

Please call 80956 95000 or write to vasu.krishnamurthy@veekesandthomas.com for details