Green_pepper_F‘This a totally new concept in Bangalore, where the philosophy is “We aspire to do to continental cuisine what the Chinese from Calcutta did to Chinese food decades ago – highly Indianised, very affordable and easily available….’ by Gastronomicalgspot

‘But the highlight was the creamy, mildly seasoned black olive and oyster mushroom risotto (Rs 59), which proved itself very worthy of the excitement that set us off in search of this place…’ by Timeoutbengaluru

Veg_Soup_F‘Finally, we were full and decided to leave (I think I heard the kitchen staff breathe a sigh of relief when we called for the bill ;) ). If it isn’t obvious, I highly recommend this place. Exotic Conti fare with an Indian flavour at very affordable rates….’ by Couchpotatoesonthemove

‘There were risottos…. I could have been doing cartwheels when I saw that they used real arborio rice. Little Italy and Eurasia opted the Indian equivalent, but not these guys. So burnt garlic risotto it was and man was that absolutely heavenly….’ by Petitchef

V&T_General_7‘Loved the cuisine and the way it was presented when it arrived (check the box and fork out) and was simply amazed at the quantities and the prices….’ by Bangalore.burrp

‘The venture has socially responsible undercurrents. Packaging is in palm leaves, and the chefs are from a social organisation….’ by Bangaloremirror

Medeterranean_F1‘Veekes and Thomas have stylized carts at locations that are updated on their website…’
by Grubhogs

‘No doubt, the food is good and the prices are even better….’ by Bangaloresrestaurants