Mediterranean Caprese

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Mediterranean Capese: Boil 120 grams of durum-wheat pasta and set on your pasta bowl. Heat one cup [200 ML] of water in a pan and add the mediterranean caprese sauce-powder. Stir continuously on a low flame for 3 minutes and stir in 3 teaspoons of fresh unsweetened cream at the end. The colour changes and the sauce thickens in this time. Pour your sauce over the pasta and you are done! For a personal touch, garnish with finely chopped sautéed peppers and onions.

Tip: tossing your pasta in a little olive oil after you drain it makes sure the pasta doesn’t stick.

Ingredients: Sugar, Dehydrated Vegetable Powder (Tomato, Onion), Iodised Salt, Vinegar Powder, Starch, Milk Solids, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein(Soya), Mixed Spices and Herbs (Parsley, Basil, Chilli),


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