Taking it to the Streets!

We seek to demystify European cuisine by taking it out from fine dining restaurants to the streets. Literally!

Veekes hopes to be present in every prominent locality of every city we operate in through a range of franchised QSRs or QSCs and hotels that require a cost effective in room dining solution.

38 outlets
7 cities

Bangalore | Chennai

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Pune | Coimbatore

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Food delivery platforms

we will be on Zomato and Swiggy, Bangalore shortly

Who does this work for?

Pantry kitchens of boutique hotels

Existing owned/franchised quick service restaurants (Click here for a sample menu)

New restaurants

Budget-friendly restaurant chains

Anyone looking at implementing a COST-EFFECTIVE menu

What can we do for you?

With our products you can expand/create a menu by 12-15 gourmet items of a new cuisine, with no extra effort, barely any input cost and ANYONE can make it to taste consistently the same. Our pasta sauce mixes can be made into risotto's by using rice instead of pasta.


-No refrigeration
-Made to order in less than 3 minutes
-Huge cost value and return on investment
-100% vegetarian
-No extra labour cost needed
-No additional investment if there is an existing food service set-up

If you have an existing retail store that has footfalls and an area in that store that can accommodate a prep counter and some branding (approximately 100 sq ft) you can garner additional business and footfalls for a new line of VFM cuisine by becoming our Franchisee. Get in touch to set up your Veekes and Company QSR or QSC outlet in less than a fortnight. 

Click here to download the QSR brochure that tells you how simple it is to set one up and here for a detailed costing.

some of our QSR's...

Hotels and resorts...



Rasta Pasta or Veekes and Company


Low investment INR .5-4.5 lacs


-Greater  main market visibility and branding  by sharing existing space and footfall. Exposure to  mid class street stall segments without barriers of price or decor

- 100-200 sq ft

-Strong branding elements

3 Formats - please see download for details

  • Exclusive
  • Non Exclusive
  • Use of product

-Product pre-prepared, standardized, heat and serve format, Indicative menu below

-Vegetarian base. Can add Non vegetarian garnish to it

-Limited Continental Fare only

-Price band INR 40-INR 100

-Disposable crockery and cutlery


-Trained and uniformed by Veekes and Thomas

-Limited to 2 staff


Typical Financials

Revenue : INR  1.0 lac to INR 1.5 lac a month

ROI : 150%