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Veekes and Company has successfully concluded raising $ 7 million in debt finance for a reputed Bangalore based educational institution for their new cultural and sports facility
Veekes and Company has successfully concluded raising $ 3 million in debt finance swapping high cost debt with foreign institution debt for a $ .5 billion home appliance company in 2020
Veekes and Company package food products are available in 30+ quick service restaurants and 3 hotels in 4 cities including Ginger Hotels, Shake it Off and the Fruit Shop on Greams Road
Veekes and Company has been mandated by a leading $ .5 billion home appliance manufacturer to re-think their retail and new product strategy
Veekes and Company successfully concluded raising a $ 15 million working capital facility for one of India’s biggest distribution houses in 2018
Veekes and Company ended 2018-2019 successfully raising $ 15 million in structured credit and debt
Veekes and Company has been exclusively mandated to raise $ 40 million in both equity and debt by diverse companies during 2019-2020
Veekes and Company packaged foods range is now available across 6 states, 20 cities and in over 120 premium retail outlets including Nilgiris, Namdharis, Delfinos, Magsons, Pazhamudir, Brown Tree, Reliance Fresh, Ammananna and Deli Fresh. It is also available online on Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket
Veekes and Company has the world wide marketing rights to take a revolutionary new patented product to market that converts air to water