About the range of packaged foods

The Cuisine Concept

When we started, we aspired to do to continental cuisine what the Chinese from Calcutta did to Chinese food decades ago – highly Indianized, very affordable and easily available. This philosophy now extends to every line of business we are in be it QSR format restaurants or the packaged foods business

The Approach

Plagarism is basic to all cultures – Woody Guthrie, circa 1959. Our new offering, reflects this vast experience and blurs the lines between authenticity, indigenousness and geographies. Nothing conforms! We are inspired by everything. We do what we think customers will like and we do what we like

The Product Offering

We are proud to introduce a range of continental sauces and soups from Veekes and Company that reject, at the outset, complication and elaborateness in preparation and yet retains flavour and freshness. What we offer is a ‘home grown, selected’ range of products that allows Indian flavors and ingredients to permeate what is otherwise quintessentially European cuisine – ingredients and tastes that can be found in any Indian kitchen.

There are NO added preservatives and our range is 100% vegetarian.

Home Magic – In less than 2 minutes

The method of preparation we have adopted remains true to its original style. We suggest that you keep it simple! Toss the contents of the container into a pan boil or heat over a flame or heat in a microwave till it loses its bind or attains soup consistency. Add vegetables or meat of choice before pouring onto the pasta/noodles or top the soups with a garnish of choice after adding vegetables or meats of choice to create magic.


We are currently available across 6 states, 19 cities in slightly over 120+ outlets. We are also available online on Amazon and Flipkart as well as Big Basket, Bangalore.