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Market Access Outsourcing

Veekes and Company are the outsourced sales department (OSD) for Select start up companies that have yet to receive their funding and cannot yet afford to implement their ‘go to market’ strategy by appointing a sales and marketing organization but need to do so at a fraction of the cost. We are also the OSD for small divisions/businesses of large companies which need a quick ramp up of retail/market presence in a  fraction of the time and cost it takes to establish a field presence. We have a network of relationships that cover India's top 70 towns across over 150,000 varied outlets from large national chain and local chain outlets to corner grocery stores that we allow access to for our clients

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Training Perspectives

Veekes and Company also allows start ups and small businesses to access our extensive perspectives and insights into accessing and growing markets through training sessions that take the form of customized work shops with an emphasis on live examples and case studies and perspectives from industry specialists. We are not everything to everyone. our competence is in Modern grocery retail, High end niche retail, F&B, Healthcare, Financial Services and products and services that require an institutional sales focus.

Compensation Structuring

We also have specific expertise in designing comprehensive compensation plans for these companies. This includes designing senior management compensation, variable pay and ESOP plans across all levels of employees be it for start up companies or established corporations. This is a legacy skill of the founder, acquired from years of having built start ups and as the head of consulting for Capital Services at Arthur Andersen.

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Backed by significant network of relationships and a knowledge based approach Veekes and Company is uniquely positioned to span the market to assess buyer interest and gauge potential opportunities with a best practice driven interest generation approach and a high quality shortlist and conversion track record.

India Retail Market Specialists

As India specialists with extensive Pan India relationships, Veekes and Company provides comprehensive advisory and support in establishing India market presence with its extensive knowledge of the Indian retail markets. These include marketing alliances, collaborations, franchising and strategic supply partners. We provide end to end solutions from partner search & shortlisting, profiling of potential partners, understanding India strategy to complete transaction management including, negotiations and closure of commercial agreements. We bring valuable insight to our client on India and firmly believe that the ability to walk away from a deal is as valuable as entering one. We also structure & support closures with legal, tax, regulatory and accounting expertise

Debt syndication

We help businesses raise Debt or Mezzanine funding for various end uses viz. meeting Equity Margin / Equity Bridging,  project finance, working capital, acquisition funding, addressing cash flow mismatches, etc. Through our network of associates we also help our clients get LCs in special situations. We also provide advisory for business turnaround initiatives/ distressed businesses, thus creating substantial value for all stakeholders.

Equity syndication

Veekes and Company provides businesses quality advise on Private Equity Syndication. Our clients include start-ups to established businesses where we have been able to provide differentiated service offerings due to our expertise across  Real Estate and Consumer led businesses, our core area of expertise.

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$40 million

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